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Amy Stewart's Flower Confidential
April 30, 2007
Blog PictureSeveral people have mentioned to me at the Flower Market that they are reading or have read Amy Stewart's new book, Flower Confidential. I was able to get an advance copy when I was helping Anne Ryan with her book, Design on a Lime, and we attended the Independent Booksellers trade show.

If you want all the "dirt" on the flower industry, it's in Amy's book. News Flash - according to her web site this book is now a New York Times best seller.

If you want beautiful, inspirational flower pictures (using Peterkort Roses of course!), pick up Anne's book. My favorite pictures are the zebra-striped container with green and cream flowers, and the outdoor wedding with hay bales for seats, using Yves Piaget and Mimi Eden roses, with green horse chestnuts. Very luscious.

Both the books are great, worth picking them up if you are into flowers.

Read more about Anne's book at www.designonalime.com

Check out Amy's web site at www.amystewart.com

It's May Day tomorrow. Hope you have your May baskets ready for surprise giving. We have Lily of the Valley, which can be tucked in for a little sweet wonderful scent.

Lots of weddings this weekend. It's going to be busy Wednesday!!!

See you at the market!! --Sandra

Too Much Going On
April 29, 2007
Blog PictureLife has been hectic and stressful lately because Dad is in the hospital with a broken leg. We are hoping for the best.

Meanwhile life goes on. Attended the auction for my son's school last night, what a party. I was bummed because I had the proverbial "nothing to wear," but at the last minute I got inspired and tacked a scarf onto a skirt to create a new look. It turned out nifty.

The organizers had teachers, students and alums on stage doing musical numbers, and at the end everybody was dancing. Super fun but I got sequin burn from a lady next to me on the dance floor.

It reminded me of a dress I used to have, dark blue, covered with dark blue glitter. A very cool dress. But my underarms were always chafed to death by the end of the evening. Glitter burn!

Check the newsletter in the Peterkort Roses website for an update on Mother's Day. Some things are running short. Particularly purple roses such as Ocean Song and Cool Water. If you need them let me know immediately. We will have cymbidiums and after that the season is pretty much over.

Keep it mellow and see you tomorrow at market!


Viva Las Vegas
April 6, 2007
Blog PictureI hadn't ever been to Las Vegas before, and now my sister Pam lives down there, so we went for spring break. What a scene - the strip was unbelievable. Highlights:

1. The Dale Chihuly glass sculpture at the Bellagio

2. Hummingbird moths checking out the blooming shrubs (huge moths which looked like hummingbirds) by the Bellagio's outdoor fountain show

3. Quote from my brother in law Jack: "I love spring! You know it's spring when the showgirls come to the mall in their bikinis!" Oh - KAY!!!!

4. In and Out Burger!! Jessica from Jitterblooms told me to check this place out so we did. Great burgers with fresh veggies, great tasting. Kinda like our Burgerville.

5. Hoover Dam. I love big 30's style public works projects with lots of atmospheric art. This was awesome.


1. The way people drive down there! Lots of tourists and drunks on the freeway and they are in a huge hurry.

2. The idea of this big city in the desert and you can practically hear the slurping sound as Lake Mead empties out.

3. Lots of fake stuff. Including lawns made of astroturf. I guess they're probably better than real lawns that need lots of water.

Overall it was great!!!!

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