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Besides roses, we grow lilies, orchids, holly, stephanotis and maidenhair fern.
Portrait of Portland has our Roses on the Cover!
April 27, 2010
Blog PictureLook at this beautiful cover from Portrait of Portland magazine!

Sage from Sammy's Flowers did this beautiful arrangement, which includes our Waltzertraum, Yves Piaget, Piano Freiland garden roses and Red Angel spray roses.

Also inside the magazine is a detailed description of how to make this arrangement.

The vase is from Bella Casa .

The background color on the cover is a beautiful coral, which I find to be a really bright, cheerful, lovely shade. Our rose Moscow is like this color.

Have a great Tuesday, hope to see you at the Portland Flower Market tomorrow!

Ashes & Dust
April 24, 2010
Blog PictureTravelled to the Bay Area last weekend with Mom and Karen, and read a lot on the Icelandic volcano which wreaked havoc on European air travel. According to the Wall Street Journal, the world's most experienced airline with volcanoes is actually Alaska Airlines! Yes, due to volcanic activity in Alaska (also Mt. St. Helens) they have developed special protocols on tracking ash clouds etc.

So all those flowers from Kenya could have been saved!

We always engage in a little schadenfreude over problems with imported flowers (oh there were terrible floods in South America which wiped out the rose growers, how awful!)... but after getting to know some people in the flower business in Holland I can feel their pain. It's no fun to have mother nature suddenly blast you with a business-killing zap.

Visited 2 rose growers in California during our trip, and learned about their growing methods. They all use hydroponic growing (as do we) and they grow in greenhouses covered with a double layer of plastic, which is inflated so there is a layer of air insulating the greenhouse. With their milder weather this is a good approach; however they have to replace the plastic every 3 years or so. Our greenhouses on the other hand are more solid structures capable of handling snow, ice, etc.

"If you don't go you don't know" is my mantra, so I make a special effort to visit our fellow growers. It's fun too!

The picture above is our Ocean Song, a gorgeous pale lavender rose, with the garden rose Romantik Antike and the LA hybrid lily Menorca.

Thanks for visiting my Peterkort Roses blog; we are wholesale rose growers in Oregon; (503) 628-1005.

Ask Amy: Smell the Roses!
April 13, 2010
Blog Picture"People give flowers to one another to signify a fresh start - and to celebrate their abundant affection. Blooms are fleeting - and this intensifies the pleasure of receiving them."

Today's "Ask Amy" column in the Oregonian contained the above happy words, in response to a letter from an older lady who has met "Mr. Romantic." What is her problem? "He is sending me roses. What do I do with them? Do I just put them in a vase? Other than writing him a thank-you note, how do I reciprocate? I feel like a 16-year old girl again, but I don't want to ruin this relationship or embarrass him."

What a nice problem to have, and Amy Dickinson's advice was right on target. "I'm happy to advise you that your only job here is to literally stop and smell the roses. You can demonstrate your gratitude by inhaling deeply and enjoying their scent. Let these flowers make you happy. And tell your gentleman friend everything you're feeling. You should feel inspired to give him flowers, too."

Love you, Amy!!!!

p.s. the picture above is our old Bing cherry tree, which sadly had to bite the dust this weekend. It started splitting in half, poised to bash in the garage and the dog's kennel. Probably as old as our 1922 house & I have been getting it pruned & examined by various tree people for many years to keep it going. The wood from its giant trunk is lying in our back yard ready to be turned into planks for furniture by our friend Bill. And the rest of the smaller pieces will go out to the farm for the fireplace. Now I am exploring what kind of tree to plant in its place - the top choices are a magnolia or a northwest dogwood. It will be sad not to have the cherry blossom snowflakes drifting down onto the lawn next spring, but maybe a new tree will help assuage the loss....

Class Act at the Masters
April 12, 2010
Blog PictureWatched the Masters golf tournament on TV with Jim yesterday. I thought Phil Mickelson was a classy winner, tears running down his face as he hugged his wife after he won. A contrast to getting chased down the road and having your back window bashed in with a golf club by your irate wife! a la you know who.

Unfortunately the extremely lame green jacket presentation at the beautiful Augusta golf course I couldn't believe, in front of a sooty-looking fireplace with obviously fake flaming red azaleas arranged on the mantle. Surely they could do better, I know you florists out there could have made it look really great!

Check out our latest new rose, a peach spray rose called Surprise. It WAS a surprise because after we planted it last fall and it started to bloom, we wondered, why is it not a spray rose? Instead it was producing beautiful straight stems like a sweetheart rose. The joke was on us, we forgot to tell the employees who take care of it that it was a spray rose, so they were picking all the side buds off. Whoops!!!

Surprise is available by calling (503) 628-1005, at Peterkort Roses in Oregon.

Horticulture Therapy
April 8, 2010
Blog PictureI was reading the Wall Street Journal the other day about horticultural therapy.

It turns out that the Legacy hospital group has several gardens they use for burn patients and other folks who benefit from exposure to the outdoors and working with plants. Read more about their program at Horticultural Therapy . It's exciting that Portland is a leader in this area.

The WSJ article talked about how working with plants benefits people with various illnesses such as dementia, and how it reduces confusion and the urge to wander.

It has been shown that having plants and flowers around you daily improves your mood and has many benefits. This is just another side of it.

Our mom (pictured above) who has memory issues, really enjoys being able to be at the greenhouses with us. We were talking about working with plants, and she said, "Well, for one thing plants don't talk back!" Well said, Mom!!!

April 1, 2010
Wow, it's April already, 2010 and spring! Question of the day from Passionflower Design - how does Maidenhair Fern do in oasis? I haven't tried it - if anybody has, let me know....
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