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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
Weirdest Lily Ever!
August 25, 2008
Blog PictureToday Brett at Orchid Tropical Nursery had the world's weirdest plant in his booth... Don't know what it is but it has long whiskers, very strange mushroom looking things in the center, and growing on a plant with leaves sort of lily like. Not an orchid, for sure. Probably the actual flowers are the strange things in the center. The other things are bracts or enlarged sepals.

Gets the prize for the strangest looking thing I've EVER seen at the flower market.

Be sure to sign up for the 2008 Portland Flower Market Design Show - go to PDXFlowermarket.com to get info and signup materials which you can print out and mail in with your registration. Another postcard reminder is going out soon! The show is September 21 - coming right up!!!!!

And yes the Flower Market does now have a new web site - check it out! Click on the link above...

Thank You Leanne!!!!! & Floral Design Institute
August 13, 2008
Blog PictureI was checking out ubloom.com the other day and learned that our own Leanne of the Floral Design Institute here in Portland (& Seattle) has her own column there, along with that fun & crazy guy Jay Schwanke.

She paid Peterkort Roses a big compliment on her site - that our web site has the best "rose finder" she's ever seen - it IS true that our "What We Grow" page for roses has a very good search engine. You can select color, shape, type, new or not, scented or not, and any combination of these, to get a list. Then you can look at a picture of each of the roses which comes up.

Thank you Leanne - hopefully people will look at the site and also BUY - need to pay for the winter heating bill!!!! Also please folks don't forget we are WHOLESALE only - we sell to florists but NOT retail -

Read About Us in Portland Wedding Magazine!!!!
August 11, 2008
Blog PictureMarty from Burkhardts European Florist of the Beaverton area showed me a wonderful layout of her group's designs in the latest Portland Wedding magazine - and I was excited to see our roses, and a mention of Peterkort Roses (they DID call us Peterkort Farm but what the heck) in the caption. They had lovely red rose pictures in a "goth wedding" layout, including our newest, Piano Freeland, a fabulous garden rose.

Also see the above recent cover from InStyle Weddings magazine - a gorgeous bunch of lavender cattleya orchids. Karen, our orchid expert, says that the lavender cattleyas will be blooming in significant quantities soon.

Also please be sure to check out the new flower market website!!!! It's at PDXFlowermarket.com. Lots of great pix of flowers, and people in the market! Also information about events. The annual Portland Flower Market design show is happening Sunday, September 21, and you can print out the registration form from the new web site and send it in with your check to register!!! Something new this year...

We will mail reminder postcards but don't delay - you will like it - Frank Adams has already announced their designer - Noel Tribbey, AIFD, of California.

Customer Service
August 10, 2008
Blog PictureJust returned from the Lloyd Center where I visited two stores: Barnes & Noble and Macy's.

At Barnes & Noble I asked the information person where the calendars were. She was young, pierced lip, with a big cowl neck turtleneck that she was wearing way pulled up hiding her chin. She kind of vaguely pointed in a couple directions (I kid you not) and said, oh we have some calendars over there, some planners over there.

She kept adjusting her turtleneck, and all the time I'm thinking, does she have something wrong with her chin? Is her pierced lip infected and dripping ooze down her face so she needs to keep her sweater pulled up? Or is it a fashion statement?

Not good customer service.

So then I go over to Macy's to get a wedding gift for my cousin's daughter. As soon as I hit the registry Wanda is there, asking me if she can find anything on the list for me. And if I want to sit down while I peruse the list. Then when I decide what I want to look at, she goes RUNNING almost to where it is, apologizing and saying "I always take off like Seabiscuit," and shows me the things.

She's super great, so I decide to get it, have it sent, & gift wrapped & I'm out of there in like less than 10 minutes.

GREAT customer service!!!!

I illustrate this blog entry with Uncle Joe's stand-up desk. He made this himself back in the 50's and it stood for 30 plus years in the old shed at the Peterkort Roses (J. Peterkort & Co. back then) farm on Barnes Road.

There used to be an old crank telephone there too, which was a private line connecting the upper greenhouses where the office was, to the new place. Telephone calls would come in to the office, and Aunt Lois would crank up the private line to let the greenhouse know about orders.

When we moved out to the Hillsboro farm, we took the stand-up desk and installed it in a similar location. We still use the bulletin board with the orders posted on it by date!!!

I always admired Uncle Joe because I think he was great at customer service, I know he worked hard to make sure the customers got what they needed.

It's always worth remembering how to treat the folks in whose hands is our livelihood!!!!

Roses in "Rebecca"
August 6, 2008
Blog Picture...No wild flowers came in the house at Manderley. He had special cultivated flowers, grown for the house alone, in the walled garden. A rose was one of the few flowers, he said, that looked better picked than growing. A bowl of roses in a drawing-room had a depth of colour and scent they had not possessed in the open. There was something rather blowsy about roses in full bloom, something shallow and raucous, like women with untidy hair. In the house they became mysterious and subtle. He had roses in the house at Manderley for eight months in the year...

"Rebecca" -- Daphne du Maurier

Greenhouse Tour: East West Floral Arts
August 4, 2008
Blog PictureLast Thursday we hosted Helene from East West Floral Arts at Peterkort Roses. Helene specializes in weddings and events with an Asian touch - she spent her childhood in Bangkok! We looked at the rose greenhouses, the orchids, and of course checked out the cooler.

Thanks for coming Helene!!!

New Seasons Dinner
August 3, 2008
Blog PictureAttended the New Seasons Market vendor appreciation dinner last night. Wore my "aging hippie" outfit with beads & crystals - there were several people there with cowboy hats & one guy had a HUGE black hat. He looked good. Probably beef rancher from eastern Oregon?? I'm guessing.

I met some really interesting people, Cheryl and Jeff from West Union Gardens, Dan and his visiting mom from Hood River Organic, and Mitch and his wife from Nossa Familia Coffee.

It is fun to meet people who also do farming for the local market, grow organic products, and have a lot of the same challenges as we do at Peterkort Roses.

Cheryl and Jeff as it turned out also knew my Dad because he would come over and get leaf compost from them, which they also use on their berry vines. We use it for part of the potting mix for cymbidiums.

Dan was interested in our use of coir (coconut fiber) because he is looking for a source for his mushroom growing. So maybe we can figure out a shared buying situation.

Our thanks to New Seasons Market for inviting us to this wonderful dinner!!!!

Rose Petal Mania
August 1, 2008
Blog PictureJust got back from vacation in Central Oregon - hiked on Jack Creek trail - saw TONS of wildflowers - also on the Pacific Crest trail near Summit Lake. MORE wildflowers. Both hikes were ultimately blocked by snow which still hasn't melted.

Here's a photo of Mom making petals - we are in high gear at Peterkort Roses for making rose petals - gallons & gallons for happy brides...

Remember if you need these let us know a week ahead of time. Many colors, and mixes of colors, are available. We sell them by the gallon. Call (503) 628-1005 - wholesale only of course.

Next week is a massive wedding week - already sold out of the following for Wednesday, August 6 2008: Vendela, Piano Freelander (red garden rose), Supergreen, Avalanche. Restricted lengths available on other varieties.

Of course Friday is 8-8-08!!!!!!

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