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Black Baccara is the darkest rose available.
Royal Sunset Lily
August 24, 2011
Blog PictureThe Royal Sunset fall crop is on... see this great photo of a fantastic lily. I know there are a lot of fans of this lily out there...we'll have them every week hopefully through Thanksgiving.

Norm is on vacation this week and the usual gremlins are getting into all the equipment. Last year when he went on a nice break with his daughters to central Oregon the switch box on the computer started to fail.......this year one of the computers had the "blue screen of death" and also the microsoft outlook isn't working right!

We are coping. Running a business like this is kinda like having a dairy farm. Those cows gotta be milked. The roses are picked each and every day. The cooler needs to continue to work faithfully...

See it, Love it!
August 18, 2011
Blog PictureOne thing I've discovered is that putting anything out on the table at the flower market makes people want to buy it.

This picture of our Rio Negro oriental lily, plus Astral spray roses - it's beautiful, right? It was even more beautiful in person.

I have been trying to showcase our newer lilies. Right now I have the tango asiatic lily "Olina" on the table. It's red with a black (yes, black) center. Buy it now, because this is its last appearance until much, much later in the year...

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