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August 21, 2012
Blog PictureI've been taking a sabbatical from my blog (that sounds better than "too lazy/busy to write stuff") but we are back! What is going on at Peterkort Roses: we are busy testing new rose varieties - garden roses, etc., to see if they will grow well for us. The Celosia is blooming! (see article in News). The chickens have been given a vacation outside of the greenhouse - they eat the celosia starts among other irritating habits - and they are thriving outside. There was one last wily holdout who has now been captured and set loose with the flock.

It's been a busy rose summer with lots of weddings calling for locally grown Peterkort roses - the ones that are fresh no matter what day of the week it is! (Those out of town roses only come in on Sunday! Yes folks these local cows get milked every day - so you can have fresh flowers!)

In the lilies - we are starting on more fall colors, lots more Blackout, and the novelty lilies including Royal Sunset and interesting Tango type lilies are coming. The picture shown features the Piano garden rose and Royal Sunset lilies.

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