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Snow Bird
February 28, 2009
Greetings from Florida - we're visiting Jim's mom in Orlando. I left Thursday during a snowstorm, they had to de-ice the wings of the airplane, a new experience for me. Quite a contrast flying into Orlando where the temp is 80 degrees.

Visited a beautiful botanical garden today - Leu Gardens - specializing in camellias. Plenty of japonicas and sasanquas, but also some very unusual ones, a very beautiful one with small white flowers, and a weeping habit, small leaves. What a gorgeous plant!!!! I wonder if it would grow in Oregon. No photos to illustrate alas because I'm not at my home computer but I took a lot of pictures.

Yesterday Jim played golf at Deer Island which is like playing golf in the middle of a wildlife refuge. We saw 33 alligators!!!! They were basking in different water ponds on the course, generally quite a bit below our level but some were pretty close by. You have never seen anything quite so prehistoric looking as an alligator...

Also the birds were beautiful, lots of blue herons, ibises, a bald eagle.

This is the Florida that appeals to me, rather than the Disney World part...no offense Walt but your park is just too fake. Nice landscaping though!!!!

Keyed-Up Day
February 17, 2009
So FRUSTRATING...lost my keys to the Volvo...not the car I usually drive but it just drives me nuts when I lose stuff. They're always in my purse but for some reason yesterday they were missing.

So...then this morning I went out walking, had to drive the Volvo so I borrowed Jim's spare keys. Got home and realized that Jim's set does not have a house key on the ring like mine does. So I was locked out.

Then...got to the church to help count the collection. There's a ring at the door and it's Bob. "We're re-keying all the locks!" he announces. Great. I don't have a church key anyway (except the joke kind ha ha) and so that doesn't affect me.

But then...we go to get the money from the safe and the key to the closet is missing!

Hopefully that ends the cycle of keys and I will find my Volvo keys soon. It's not a full moon, but there must be SOMETHING...

Still having our sale on little green and brown spotted paphs. Let us know if you want some!!!!

Call Peterkort Roses at (503) 628-1005.


Here Chick Chick Chick!!!
February 9, 2009
Blog PictureYou may recall that we got some chickens to help with the weeding inside the greenhouse...they were baby chicks.

See the picture - a cute motley assortment, 3 different kinds.

They are growing up - last week Norman decided they were big enough to venture out of the coop he made for them - he opened the door and did they come rushing out? No. They were too CHICKEN to come out.

Eventually they tippytoed out and started going after the weeds and scratching around.

Does this qualify as another step in the "green" direction for Peterkort Roses - I think it does!

After a few days to get used to it, they now come POURING out of the coop in the morning and get down to business.

They started out in the lily area and now they are starting to venture into the deep, dark forest... the roses.

The whole point is to use them to get rid of the tiny weeds, which they love to eat, before these weeds grow up and start attracting bugs, diseases, etc.

Eventually we'll get eggs too!!!!!!

Valentine Hours at Flower Market
February 4, 2009
Blog PictureAttention everybody!!! The flower market will be open regular hours during Valentine's week, with one exception. Tuesday, February 10 will be 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. (usually closes at noon on Tuesdays.) Sunday: closed; Monday 5:30 to 3; Tuesday, 6 to 3; Wednesday: 5:30 to 3; Thursday 6 to 3; Friday 5:30 to 3; Saturday 7 to 10. That's the week of February 8 through 14.

Been laughing at Suzanne Somer's seven dwarves of menopause: itchy, bitchy, sleepy, sweaty, bloated, forgetful, and all dried up. !!!!

Ya gotta laugh at it. If possible!!!

Teleflora Ad on the Superbowl
February 3, 2009
Blog PictureI was floored to see a flower ad on the Superbowl game!!! Teleflora placed an ad - click this link to see it - featuring trash-talking tulips and boosting Teleflora fresh flower delivery.

Talking with people down at the market yesterday, Jim of Grand Avenue thought it was too negative. He liked the critique of "flowers in a box" but thought the flowers were kind of nasty.

Gerhard and Melinda of Flowers by Dorcas liked the ad for the Doritos crystal ball the best. Gerhard thought my favorite, the beautiful insect ad by Weiden+Kennedy was "girly."

Apparently Teleflora participants were told in advance there was going to be a Superbowl ad and were expecting it. I was surprised!!!!!

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