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Little Ladyslippers Now in Season!
February 19, 2010
Blog PictureWell, Valentine's is over. On to the next event! We're happy to announce that our little paphs (ladyslippers; paphiopedilums) are now finally in season. We've been keeping the greenhouse really C-O-L-D this year so they were delayed from their usual Christmas time flowering until now - after Valentine's, the latest ever.

These little darlin's are very good keepers and are sweet with little dots, stripes and speckles.

Let Ginger come over????????
February 2, 2010
Blog PictureHere's a Valentine rose ad I found in Norman's Inc. magazine (for small businesses).

My only question - HOW DESPERATE ARE THEY????

If you can't read the copy, it says, "Red Roses, Red Roses, Let Ginger Come over."

And here's Ginger in her red lingerie in what looks like the entry way of either a house or a hotel room.

I told Jim, look at this ad. It looks like Ginger is a hooker!

He said, No, she's the neighbor!!!

He'll never live that one down...

Let me know at the flower market if you have comments on this. I am posting the ad on the bulletin board tomorrow!!!

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