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Q. What's our most fragrant rose? A. Lavande.
Capuccino is Coming
February 26, 2012
Blog PictureA couple of weeks ago I noticed a VERY HAIRY section of the lily house. Those lily buds were covered with white fuzzy hairs! Technically known as "pubescence!"

Pictured is the lily Capuccino which starts out as that super hairy bud and then turns into this interesting tango lily.

A tango lily is an asiatic lily with interesting markings. Other tango lilies we have in the plan for this year are Graffiti, Strawberries & Cream, Olina, Loreto, and more!

They add some pizzazz to the lilies in your life. ...and that fuzz is crazy!!!!

Botrytis is Bad! No, it's Good! Wait...
February 18, 2012
Blog PictureJim and I went to Noble Rot last night (late Valentine's dinner)... love that place, they had tulips on the tables (big points for any fresh flowers at all!)...

I thought, how ironic that I am sipping from the Botrytis flight and even dining at a place called Noble Rot! Because, dear flower lovers, as you know Botrytis is the mortal enemy of flowers...

It causes the brown spots and the icky slime that develops on flower heads; it's a fungus whose spores float around in the air.

Just shows you how like in most of life nothing is ever totally good or totally bad. What rots your flowers today makes your incredible late harvest wine tomorrow.

I am partial to the Gewurtztraminer by the way!

Perfect: Salt, Wine, Chocolate, Flowers!
February 16, 2012
Blog PictureThe Meadow on N. Mississippi in Portland is a wonderful store inspired by the owners, Mark and Jennifer Bitterman, whose backgrounds with France and salt have brought them success and an offshoot store in New York City!

Jennifer's idea to use fresh local flowers both to decorate and sell in the store is a real winner.

Here are Violet and Kayla from The Meadow picking up their Valentine's Day roses from us at Peterkort Roses late last week!

I have to say that The Meadow is in my neighborhood and I love it. Since my husband loves wine and chocolate it's a natural for gifts for him. I am fascinated by the salt. They have dishes made of solid salt (and they are pretty - like quartz in different colors). You can heat them and cook things like oysters, etc. with them.

Reactions to Teleflora Ad
February 6, 2012
So, the Wall Street Journal in its rundown of the Superbowl ads says, the Teleflora ad according to women was sexist. Well, I could have told you that...but guys still love this kind of stuff.

I don't like all the beer ads, car ads, either, except the Mayan apocalypse Chevy ad was great, I am just thanking God there was no man cave ad this year.....

And I feel so out of it that I didn't know the woman in the ad is a famous Victoria's Secret model!!! But what's with the Arnold Schwartzenegger accent! To me that made the whole thing. She was not purring, she was clueing in these males about Valentine's day, Arnold style. Of course, HE's pretty low on the fem list these days too. How could he do that to Maria!!!!!!

When you put this stuff all together it just makes you realize how hopelessly different men and women are, anyway.

So.....hate it or celebrate it, I know which one is more fun!!!

Superbowl Ad Wow!!!!
February 5, 2012
Blog PictureOK OK my husband says, hey you've gotta get down here, the flower ad is on.

So I do, and here it is: click here!

One side of me says, really, a black GARTER????

The other side says, yes, this will really get their attention. And WHO is that WOMAN!!!

"Guys, Valentine's Day is not that complicated. Give...and you shall receive!"

Valentine Countdown
February 4, 2012
Blog PictureFor us flower growers this coming week is very big...Valentine's Day! The favorite complaint about it is of course it is the worst time of year for flowers - February! We have had some pretty good sun this year and mild temps which is helpful.

At Peterkort Roses we have a nice crop of roses coming on for this week, also our lilies and cymbidium orchids. It's nice that we got a mention in Sunset magazine for our locally grown roses.

All I know is that Valentine's Day makes me nervous! People who normally never order flowers do so during this holiday! Florists get strange requests!

Speaking of strange, check out this new cymbidium we have. Instead of just one lip it looks like it has several...a little bit of a mutant??? It's a nice shade of green.

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