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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
White Stuff Smothers Portland
January 17, 2007
Hey it's always a recipe for a mess... snow in Portland. Gingerly drove the mighty minivan through snow-covered streets this morning at 5:30 to the flower market. Love those new snow tires!

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We weren't incredibly busy but some of us, such as Jeff S. of Frank Adams Wholesale, found some entertainment. Probably the only snowman in town decorated with flowers.

When I got home the porch snow was tracked with a beautiful pattern...bird footprints.

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We're all distracted right now but it will soon be Valentine's Day. We have our Valentine's prices posted at the market, or you can call at (503) 628-1005 to get the skinny.

If you have a standing order, prices remain the same. Any additional orders will be at a higher price. Cymbidiums will be plentiful it looks like, so there's another nice Valentine's possibility. Also we will have lilies.

Finally got the new lights running out there so the lilies are happier. They didn't like winter light conditions!

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Looks like the white stuff is going to hang around for a while. Hope to see you on Friday at the market!


Rush Rush Rush
January 10, 2007
Blog PictureDrove around much too much today - the refrigeration unit on the big truck isn't working right - ice in the rose buckets! - so Primitivo took it in to be fixed. It was going to take too long for him to wait so I picked him up (got lost getting there), then drove out to the farm where it was snowing.

Then had to drive right back to town for the carpool. So much for getting anything done today!

Pictured above is one of the varieties of ladyslipper orchids blooming right now. We have a lot of them available - they tend to bloom all at once! They are really woodsy looking and beautiful, plus they last a long time. Check them out at the market!

Let's remember that the days ARE getting longer, and spring WILL come in not too long. I have great buds on my daphne!


The Curious Tale of Ergot
January 4, 2007
Blog PictureLast night while cooking dinner I heard a fascinating story on NPR about the problem with certain drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease. These drugs cause problems with the heart valve, due to growth in certain cells which then causes the valves not to align properly and get leaky.

The drugs in question are derived from a substance called ergot.

Interestingly enough, ergot is actually a fungus or rust disease which grows on rye. It has been used to treat migraines and other problems.

Ergot is a powerful substance. When it grows naturally in rye, it is red and causes bread made from infected rye to have a pink color. A few years ago I read a fascinating study about the connection between ergot-adulterated rye and hallucinations, unusual behavior, and even death.

This study examined weather patterns in Europe (the fungus grows well in wet weather) and outbreaks of extreme religious fervor and witchcraft persecution. The theory was that eating the adulterated bread would cause unusual behavior. The book even noted that rye was commonly grown in colonial America and that the strange behavior of the girls in the Salem witch trials could have been connected with ergot!

In Germany they discovered the problems with ergot-infected rye and established inspections to keep it from being used to make food. Later the rest of Europe did the same.

So plants can be very powerful and even affect the course of history!

Today's photo is a display from the Hortifair in Amsterdam which I was fortunate to attend last November. For more pictures, click "News" and select the December archives!

Stay dry!


Mary's Recipe
January 3, 2007
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I think it rained enough today. Time for a break.

Mary at Clackamas Greenhouses gave me a great recipe using sweet potatoes. And it is VERY easy. You cube a sweet potato and a pear, plus some onion, and put them in a baking dish. Drip on some olive oil. Bake at 350 until done. You don't need to peel anything! Just core the pear. I made it tonight and it was great.

Rachel, formerly one of Brett's employees at Orchid Tropical Nursery, has now bought Fleur de Lis formerly owned by Julie. Looking forward to doing business with you Rachel!

We have a good crop of Paphiopedilums (ladyslipper) orchids on right now. These are wonderful mossy woodsy flowers that last really well as cut flowers. Let us know if you would like some - this is their season.

My picture today is a combination of our garden roses, which are available year-round. Waltzertraum is the cerise pink, Yves Piaget is mauve pink, Karamel Antike is yellow, and Biedermeier is cream with pink edges.

Stay well!


News of Molly!
January 2, 2007
Dear blog readers - many at the market have asked me what is going on with Molly formerly of Oregon Roses. And she paid us a visit right before Christmas! Here we are together. Molly reports that she is taking it easy and wanted to convey her greetings to everyone.

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It was really good to see her - we miss you at the market Molly!!!!

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) the market is back on the normal schedule. During the holidays we were closed on Saturday and Monday for two long weekends. That was nice except that then we worked extra time (Tuesday AND Wednesday) to make up for it.

In case you were wondering what the normal schedule is, the market in general is open Monday through Saturday. Most days are from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., except Tuesday when they close at noon, and Saturday, when hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

So..... I'll be seeing you tomorrow.... again!!!!


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