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Orchid Mania
January 16, 2009
Blog PictureHere's Karen working on getting orchid stems ready for the market. She's the Peterkort Roses orchid woman!!!!

The early cymbidiums are blooming - varieties like Downs Delight the Golden Tetra, Valley Knight Helen, and Bethlehem Early Times. (Let's not forget Christmas Beauty St. Francis!)

Love those names!!! Like a racehorse or a pedigreed dog - these cymbidiums have bloodlines!

Talking with Dennis today at the flower market - he views flowers and art in the same category - facilitators of prayerful contemplation - vehicles of meditation - what a wonderful thing. We in the flower business tend to forget to really LOOK at the beauty - it's one of the reasons we are in the business.

Wedding Show 2009
January 15, 2009
Blog PictureThe Portland Bridal show is happening this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center. It's January 17 and 18 - for more info go to portlandbridalshow.com.

Some of the exhibitors from the floral community who use locally grown Peterkort Roses flowers:

A.R. Moss Floral Design

Artistic Flowers & Home Decor

Balenda's Flowers

Bales Marketplace

Blooming Bouquets

Burkhardt's European Flower Shoppe

Floral Dreams

Flowers for You

Forte Wedding Floral Artistry

Fusion - The Art of Flowers

Geranium Lake Flowers

Hostess House

Lamb's Markets

Renaissance Rose

Studio C Photography and Floral

In addition, those who advertised in the Oregonian's Bridal Show supplement are By the Bunch and Garden Path Flower Shop, who patronize the Portland Flower Market and Peterkort Roses.

Let the wedding season begin!!!!

p.s. the photo above is a paphiopedilum orchid (also known as ladyslippers). Peterkort Roses now has these for sale - they are getting ready for their annual winter season of heavy bloom. Some of our plants are over 50 years old!!! Dad inherited them from his Aunt Gertrude... truly family heirlooms...


Norm Hangs with Great Chicks!
January 10, 2009
Blog PictureNorman is really getting around these days. Besides phone calls from French socialite ladies (see previous entry about Helga Piaget), he's seeing some great new chicks!

Ha ha!

Actually we got some baby chicks for weed duty in the greenhouse. As soon as they're old enough to fend off any enemy rodents that might be around, they'll be free ranging in the greenhouse and eating weeds & bugs.

We got this idea from Jack & Agnes of Rosto Garden, who told us they had chickens when they grew roses in Holland.

We are trying to deal with weeds without spraying or having the workers do this tedious job. Jack and Agnes say that the chickens are enthusiastic weed eaters, plus they lay eggs! Can't wait to get some free range greenhouse eggs! Talk about green!

Helga Piaget Calls Us!!!!
January 8, 2009
Blog PictureExciting news - Helga Piaget herself called Norman this week!!!

If you're wondering, "who is Helga Piaget and what does she have to do with anything?" - dahling you just aren't in the know!!!

Helga Piaget is pictured above - she's a resident of Monaco who is married to Yves Piaget - the jeweler.

We at Peterkort Roses are proud to say that we grow two beautiful, sweet smelling roses named after these two people - Yves Piaget is a lovely hot pink rose, and Helga Piaget is a gorgeous cream rose.

Well, out of the blue this week Norman gets a call from Florida - it's Helga Piaget - she has a house in Monaco and a house in Florida - and she is trying to get some of her signature rose bushes for her Florida home just like the ones she has in Monaco!!

Norman calls for help from Jacques in California, the agent at Star Roses who represents the Meilland company of France, who developed these roses. It seems that they have this rose for the garden, but they are calling it "Classic Woman."

I called Ms. Piaget to let her know that they would be happy to help her get some of these rose bushes. I told her they had renamed her rose! "That's not very nice!" she said in her beautiful French accent...

She was very friendly on the telephone and thanked me for calling her with some good news in the new year... now she can grow "her" rose.

So fantastic! She also promised to e-mail me a better picture than the one I have - so I can put a good one on the web site. Have to wait until she goes back to Monaco in the spring though!!!!


Fortune for the New Year
January 5, 2009
Blog Picture2009 - 2009 - 2009 - 2009

There! Maybe if I type it enough times I will remember it's not 2008 anymore!

Grant of Hubrich Farms and his family went out to dinner on New Years - his fortune cookie:

"When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your life."

Pretty good one! He's keeping it for posterity. You can see it at the flower market...

We delivered Michael to the airport on his way back to San Jose after an extended visit with us, on New Years Day...Sam we drove up to Victoria. The nest is now empty. Luckily I have Jim -

What's new at the market -

We have cymbidiums - come and see them. The first of the crop. Also our roses are looking quite stunning. You have to check them out.

We were fortunate not to have any collapsing greenhouses from the recent snow, but Northern Pacific Farm and Alderbrook had some problems. The amount of snow was just too great for light plastic structures.

Valentine's Day is approaching! Price lists will be out soon.

Photo above shows Biedermeier and Maria Theresia garden roses. All our garden roses are available, even in the winter - so if you need these unusual items let us know. Besides the ones I just mentioned, we also have Piano Freiland, Karamel Antike, Yves Piaget, Helga Piaget, Waltzertraum and Augusta Luise.


Happy New Year!
January 1, 2009
Blog PictureI was going to list resolutions here, but better off to just DO them & don't talk. My old neighbor Paul's personal motto was "Acta Non Verba" (actions not words) and that would be a good one for me too!

DID get a new digital camera for Christmas so I am going to try it out on photos of roses for the peterkortroses.com web site.

That will improve the red roses and the hot pink, which my camera distorted. The red roses always came out with pink highlights.

Above is a picture of Van Gogh's yellow rose in a vase. Nice.

Have a good start to 2009...remember acta non verba!!!

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