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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
Excitement in the Netherlands
January 28, 2010
Blog PictureDown at the Portland Flower Market yesterday I was talking with Jack from Rosto Garden. He is renaming the business to Stokman Nursery - I think I have that right - because his son Walter is coming into the business.

We'll continue to see Jack down at the market for a long time however -

Our fave Dutchman was telling me about the 11 City Tour in Holland - whenever it freezes enough they hold a famous speed skating tour in the north of the country where tough skaters can race on the frozen canals and streams through eleven different towns. They also have to put guards on their skates and cross over bridges and other obstacles.

It only happens when the ice is thick enough, maybe only once a decade.

All other activities come to a halt as everybody watches on TV or in person.

It will be interesting this year to see if it comes in a timely way with the Olympics - some skaters would rather do the Tour in their home country than compete in the Olympics! It would be nice to do both!

Pictured above is our new garden rose Piano Frieland. What a beauty! It's in an arrangement with Red France.

Tannis Buys Jackson & Adolph from Stuart
January 24, 2010
Blog PictureLots of changes in the Portland floral scene... recently Jackson & Adolph changed hands - Stuart, who had started with Jackson Flowers and purchased Adolph's, resulting in the new name Jackson & Adolph's, sold to Tannis who comes to us from California.

I visited her at the shop located on East Burnside. She has installed her piano there and it's fun to come by and play or listen to her.

Check out her shop - she has changed the layout and made it her place - especially with the piano! Say Hi to Tannis!

A lot of construction is going on nearby; the city is changing Burnside to a one-way couplet near the great crazy intersection with Sandy and 11th/12th; also apparently they are doing staging for the streetcar which is coming to the east side, and also sewer improvements as part of the big sewer reconstruction project to keep sewage out of the Willamette.

(The only reason I know this is my friend Barb's husband works for the city Budget Office and keeps us fully informed.)

If you come down to Swan Island to visit the Portland Flower Market you'll see more construction - workers are shoring up the bridge onto the island which passes over the railroad tracks, and more sewer work is being done. The city is building a huge pipe - an interceptor sewer - which will capture and contain the huge volumes of water which the Portland system gets when it rains hard.

In the past all this was too much for the treatment plant and it had to be put in the river, and at the time standards allowed it because of the great volume of storm water which diluted the sewage.

Times change and that is now frowned upon - so the big project.

You can tell that I find public works projects interesting!

Wedding Show Last Weekend
January 23, 2010
Blog PictureMade the scene at the Portland Bridal Show last weekend, January 16 and 17.

Ate cake samples, visited with flower buddies, checked out a lotta pouffy white dresses!

No, I'm not getting married (that was back in 1981) but it's fun to see everybody's booth and say hi to friends.

First up in the foyer was Paige, at Vibrant Table Catering and Events , with "Marry Me, Dammit" in lights - count on her to grab attention!

Brian from Fusion had a beautiful layout, he did a TV spot with our flowers...

Kim at Geranium Lake had a lovely girl with a bouquet of lily of the valley for passers by to smell, luring them into her booth.

Peggy and Selena at Floral Dreams were busy getting their bouquets ready to give to the models at the 12:30 fashion show - Selena showed me a photo of a large "E" made of red roses they did for a wedding reception last year.

Also saw Jennifer from Forte , Kelly and Linda at Blooming Bouquets , Evelyn with Hostess House (looking like a beautiful wild swan in a strapless dress!), Miriam and her gorgeous daughter from Artistic Flowers , Sharon at Bales Thriftway , Mark and Jimmy with Lamb's Thriftway , Kay with Flowers for You ...also Balenda's Flowers and Flowers Tommy Luke were there.

Said Hi to the ladies at Renaissance Rose , who dry bouquets and create beautiful keepsakes... Portland Style Cheesecake had flower-covered cakes and Cat from Flowers by Cat was helping to man their booth.

Saw an old friend, Kevin, with The Party Pros ; they rent party equipment. Believe it or not we worked together years ago at the Portland Development Commission!

Talking with folks later they felt it was a good show, very well-attended and people are thinking of spending more money this year than last year on average. So that portends well for this year's wedding season.

Flowers by Dorcas Opens New Store In Hollywood
January 13, 2010
Blog PictureMelinda and Gerhardt of Flowers by Dorcas are happy with their new store in Portland's Hollywood district where they moved in late autumn.

Here's a shot of them in front of their store, located on the corner of NE Sandy Boulevard and 42nd Avenue.

I visited them this week and boy, that new space is beautiful. They were removing Christmas and getting ready for Valentine's Day, and the beautiful light and windows in the store are so lovely.

You can see the new Whole Foods store is just down the street.

Melinda is pleased with the Tae Kwon Do studio across the street. "I wasn't happy about it at first," she says, "but there is a steady stream of moms coming in to pick up and drop off their kids, and they do like to come in and browse here! So the street traffic is amazing!"

They also like the fact that they have a parking lot in the back, a feature sadly missing at their old downtown location.

A beautiful new store - go check it out!

Ghosts at the Greenhouse????
January 7, 2010
Hi flower friends, happy new year!!! It's a new decade (some say), time for a fresh start....

So today Mom and I were in the office and suddenly the lights went off!!!

Norm was down nursing the boiler, and he said, probably Mom turned on the heater by her feet and blew the fuse.

But, Mom had not turned on the heater. I had not turned on the copier (both together paralyze the circuit). Also, the office light switch was turned off, AND we had both heard a strange noise at the same time the lights went off! And no circuit had been tripped!!!!


Until I noticed that the heavy calendar I had hung up above the office light switch had fallen down, flipping the switch.

No ghost.....!

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