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Peterkort Roses is the only U.S. rose grower growing the Metallina rose
How Much Water Did You Say?
January 20, 2012
I read in the Oregonian yesterday that normal snow has a ratio of air to water of 14 to 1. OUR snow that fell on Tuesday had only 5 to 1.

At the farm the water is rushing and high in the creek bed. The fields are all draining. But we feel fortunate - no ice, no big tree damage. The Tualatin River drainage sponge is soaking up all the runoff, which is filling up all the bottom lands - but they have room for it!

In the greenhouse the roses are growing for Valentine's Day!!

Winter in the Greenhouse
January 12, 2012
I know you are all wondering about our experiment with saving money on heat this winter in the greenhouse!

First important thing: the chickens are liking it fine. They are in "siberia" where we turned off the heat. However, they are laying eggs, enjoying the no rain indoor environment, plus it stays amazingly warm in there.

Such as today, when Norman had to open the windows to keep the roses chilly enough to stay tough. Of course we haven't had a REALLY cold spell, with snow and ice etc.

It is interesting that some varieties are still blooming and looking the same as they always do. Others are blooming but their color is VERY strange.

We are now thinking about the "warm up." We want everything to be producing once again by Mother's Day in May. That will take some doing to calculate it right and also cope with the temperature outside, sunshine, etcetera. And that all important thing - saving money on fuel!

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