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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
2013 in Review - Thank you, our floriferous flower buddies!
January 3, 2014
Blog PictureThis year Peterkort Roses expanded our list of flowery friends near and far. Eliza of Peartree Flowers in New York designed a smoky, corally red beautifulness using our garden rose Romantik Antike and the weirdly gray/beige rose Metallina.

We are thankful for all our customers and hope that you have a great and prosperous 2014.

The coral/peach colors were certainly popular this year, and Romantik Antike was one of our stars, along with Peach Peony. Peach hybrid teas such as Prima Donna, Peach Avalanche, and even the retro Sonia rose were snapped up at the Portland Flower Market and by our customers in Seattle and elsewhere. We added to the coral/peach mix with the LA Hybrid lily Menorca and a new addition, the striking coral lily Arsenal with a glowing yellow center.

These colors are so flattering to complexions and go with other colors so beautifully, that I predict they will be popular for a while. Or at least until people stop pinning them on Pinterest! Didn't THAT drive all the florists nuts this year!!!

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