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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
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July 20, 2008
Blog PictureHaving fun checking out web sites with bulletin boards and discussion groups. First one was Flowerchat.com , a web site for florists, where I got the above picture - an old Teleflora container which somebody posted in a discussion about weird and hideous containers for flowers.

THEN I found Weddingbee.com , a board/blog etc. site for people to talk about their weddings. There was QUITE a discussion about roses, white versus other colors, garden roses, availability, etc.

People were really looking for WHITE roses, pure white, and the rose Akito was mentioned several times. In my opinion, Akito is definitely the whitest rose available today.

Of course there are all kinds of shades of white, as you know if you have ever tried to pick out white paint.

As far as white garden roses, we have a beautiful white one called Helga Piaget, also known as White Piaget. It has a lovely scent. People are confused by it because when it is a tight bud it has a pink edge sometimes, but that disappears as it opens and it is a white old-fashioned looking rose.

There was a lot of discussion about flowers holding up in August in some parts of the country. Do hydrangeas wilt? Maybe if it's super hot and humid. Professional florists know how to hydrate flowers so they don't wilt so easily.

That reminds me of a wedding I heard about - several people I knew were actually there - a big formal wedding, but the bride had the flowers done by a friend, and it was hot.

Well, they were wilted. It must have been really obvious because everybody noticed it. The church flowers on the pews were wilted. Not a good look.

This is a very good reason to get somebody who knows what they are doing to do your flowers. It helps if they have a cooler, too. Refrigeration is something which we all take for granted but it is a hugely important thing for perishables.

Mary's Last Market Day - and Recipe!
July 12, 2008
Blog PictureBoo Hoo! Mary at Clackamas Greenhouses has decided to "retire" from the Portland Flower Market and go to work at a nursery closer to her home.

Here is a shot of her and Pam, who have been co-workers for quite a while - on Friday, her last day.

So of course we had a party and celebration to thank her for being with us and making the flower market more fun.

Who can forget the day she trapped the possum under the garbage can?

Who can forget the Texas accent?

And the great things she used to make - Texas sheet cake among them. Molly made some for the party!

I contributed the Cheese Puffs from Fannie Farmer. Several asked for the recipe - here it is:

Makes 48 puffs

2 cups of grated sharp cheddar

1/4 pound butter

1 cup flour

Salt to taste - I don't use it

48 small pimiento stuffed green olives

Preheat oven to 400 F. Put the cheese and butter in a mixing bowl or food processor (food processor is easy because you can grate the cheese too), blend until smooth. Add the flour and salt and mix well. Roll dough out to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into 2 inch squares and wrap around each olive, sealing seams. Place on cookie sheet and bake 15 minutes. Check after 10 minutes to see puffs don't burn. You can freeze these unbaked and have them on hand for emergencies. If you bake them frozen, add a few minutes to baking time.

One thing I also like to do with this recipe is put a terra cotta disc I have into the oven and get it hot, then wrap it in a dish towel and put under the cheese puffs when you serve them. They stay warm.

These things are handy to have in the freezer - for example on Friday morning I woke up late (4:45 a.m. is late for a market day) and realized I hadn't done anything for Mary's party! Oh SH------!! Luckily I had these in the basement freezer...

Stay cool.

p.s. the Portland flower market now has a website - pdxflowermarket.com Check it out!

Awesome July Weather
July 6, 2008
Blog PictureWe've been having an awesome summer so far! A few hot days but mostly nice and some clouds. You can tell I'm an Oregonian right? Too much hot weather makes me nervous...

Here's a shot of some beautiful clouds from the farm a week ago, the day of the thunderstorm. I was trying to work on the veg garden and the lightning was making Mom nervous so she commanded me to come in. After the storm passed I went back out and finished my planting. And caught these clouds on camera.

The normal summer stuff is happening - Steven is cultivating the holly field, Norm is taking orders for summer wedding flowers, the roses have shifted into hyper production mode where it is harder for everybody to keep up with processing them. Karen is working on repotting cymbidiums during their dormant time.

And the dog has a great time in general. Being a deep-chested Labrador, she pants like a steam engine but runs all over soaking herself in the mud, finding dead "things" to play with (a headless rabbit the cat stashed under an azalea bush), etc. Everybody's version of summer fun is different but they all enjoy it!!!!!

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