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Besides roses, we grow lilies, orchids, holly, stephanotis and maidenhair fern.
The 4-T Trail
July 31, 2010
Blog PictureAwesome Portland weekend - hiked the 4-T trail yesterday. This is a wonderful morning or afternoon thing to do on a nice day. Take the Portland Streetcar (Trolley) to the South Waterfront, where you will board the Tram up to Pill Hill and start hiking the Marquam Trail, about 4 miles, winding around through the west hills until you cross the freeway to the Zoo, and hop on the light rail Train at the interesting underground zoo station. Once downtown you can take the Trolley again back to where you parked.

One beef about this trek: it should have another T added for Treasure because you have to pay-pay-pay for all the different legs. Including parking down at the SWF garage which was $16.00!!!! (Add another T for gnashing of Teeth!)

More about it: 4-T Trail

Pictured above are Michael and Jim with me in front of the Zoo gift shop.

And then breakfast this morning at the Screen Door in SE Portland. I had blintzes, but the granny at the next table, hair in bun, cane, had the waffles with fried chicken which is a large waffle topped with a HUGE pile of fried chicken in a stack, skewered with a huge knife. Not enough nerve to take a picture of her though!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Save the Date - Sunday September 26, 2010
July 29, 2010
Blog PictureSave the Date for the Portland Flower Market design show - mark your calendar for Sunday, September 26, 2010.

To download a signup form, here's the link:

2010 Design Show Signup Form

We are hoping for pre registration to be complete by September 15.

We will have a design panel, lunch, specials, product info, music, and goodies at all the six business locations.

You can sign up by mail or by talking with Susan at the market.

If you have questions, her number is (503) 289-1500 x 5

Flower of the day: the spray rose Mimi Eden in an arrangement I saw at the Hortifair in Amsterdam in 2009. With red fall leaves, rose hips. Peterkort Roses grows Mimi Eden and lots of other spray rose varieties! See "What We Grow" for more details.

Snarling Harpy
July 27, 2010
Blog PictureJim has been working on a project in the basement involving lots of hammering and the air compressor, a machine which runs loudly when it needs to build up air pressure.

And he forgets to turn it off at night, so twice I have had a rude awakening at 3 a.m. when the blinkin' thing decides to turn on.

(He's sleeping upstairs on market mornings so I don't wake him up!)

I told him if it happens again a screeching, snarling harpy with teeth and fingernails (me) will run upstairs and attack!

So far this has worked...

Look at this gorgeous lily pictured. It's called Rio Negro, a dark hot pink oriental lily. Peterkort Roses will have this lily available into the fall. It's a Sumatra-like flower but a better shape. If you are looking for Sumatra try Rio Negro. It opens better too...We also have the wonderful Conca d'Or from now into the fall. This is a huge pale yellow oriental lily.

Lily Expert Visits Peterkort Roses
July 12, 2010
Blog PictureRecently Johan Mak from the lily hybridizing family visited us at Peterkort Roses. His father is a well-known creator of new lily varieties.

We know Johan also from the Portland Flower Market because he and his wife Shelly grow lilies for cut flowers and compete with us down there! (But we still like him anyway!)

Johan was testing some new lily varieties in our greenhouse, so he was visiting to see how they are doing.

We have been growing lilies for about three years now. It is good to try something new after many many years of growing just the roses. We have had good reception to our lilies from our florist customers. Our lilies, because of the way we grow them, have beautiful rich color and nice big flowers, also very long stems.

Give our lilies a try!

The Heat is Coming
July 6, 2010
In Portland we have suffered through what seems like months of rain, rain, rain. Now it has stopped, a period of the famous "June Gloom" and now we are on to SUN!!! Not only SUN! but 90 degrees! Can we stand the shock to the system?

Challenges for us in the greenhouse - it gets really hot. The greenhouse effect which causes the greenhouse to heat up more easily really gets going when the sun comes out full blast. What are solutions? Mainly shade. In the old days we used to spray a (harmless) inert substance (I think it was chalk mixed with something to make it stick) onto the outside of the glass, which was called, guess what, "shade." It was white and made it a lot cooler inside.

Now we have shade curtains which can be drawn across halfway so some sun still gets through. It's better than our old "shade" because it doesn't wash off in the rain, but it is not as effective...

Flower Market Open Monday July 5 2010 Closes At Noon
July 3, 2010
Blog PictureAttention everybody - the Portland Flower Market will be OPEN on Monday, July 5. However we will be closing at noon.

It's confusing with these holidays. I hope everybody has a nice weekend.

Pictured is the east range of our rose greenhouse group. The shadowy stuff on the ends of the houses is the stephanotis vine. It climbs and climbs until it can't climb any more!

Happy holiday...grateful to those who brought us our freedom and way of life. Last winter I was called for jury duty, and judge Michael Marcus gave an inspiring talk to us potential jurors about the responsibilities of citizenship. Serving in the armed forces, serving on juries, and voting were among the important ones he noted.

As a descendent of immigrants who came here to enjoy greater freedom, I felt it was an important message. "That which thy forefathers hath bequeathed unto thee, earn it anew if thou wouldst possess it!" (Goethe)

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