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Leonidas is also a brand of Belgian chocolate.
Ray Bradbury RIP
June 7, 2012
Blog PictureToday I read in the paper that Ray Bradbury has died at age 91. He wrote a lot of books, notably "Fahrenheit 451," about censorship in an imaginary totalitarian society of the future, but I love his book "Dandelion Wine" best of all.

Douglas Spaulding, age 12, in Green Town Illinois, the summer of 1928...makes a discovery:

"And at last, slowly, afraid he would find nothing, Douglas opened one eye.

And everything, absolutely everything, was there.

The world, like a great iris of an even more gigantic eye, which has also just opened and stretched out to encompass everything, stared back at him.

And he knew what it was that had leaped upon him to stay and would not run away now.

I'm alive, he thought."

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