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Lilies are our newest product.
Prestige - Our Newest Red Rose - Planting Now!
March 12, 2006
We're very excited about our new red rose Prestige. It features long, strong stems, and dark red flowers with lots of petals. We tested it in 05-06 with a half bed and found it to be quite beautiful, well suited to for long-stem sales.

Here is the greenhouse where we'll plant Prestige this week:

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Those long white rows are boxes filled with coconut fiber. The white wrap keeps weeds out. When the mini plants arrive from Holland, we'll cut slits in the wrap and insert the plants. Drippers for food and water will be inserted. This is how we grow roses hydroponically, versus in-ground growing.

We'll install lights this summer to keep the winter production high quality.

It will take a couple of months before these plants start producing flowers. Let us know if you're interested in Prestige!

Odd Lots for Friday
March 10, 2006
Our new lilies are growing in their spot in our greenhouse. This is a new product for us. We will have asiatics, orientals and l.a. hybrids. They are starting to sprout as you can see. It will be a month or two before we have lilies for sale.

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The Wall Street Journal reports today that "flock" wallpaper is coming back. I hope this version is more tasteful than it was last time around. I'm beginning to regret removing that copper refrigerator and twin oven set from my kitchen.

Mary W. from Clackamas Greenhouses is back from her New Zealand and Australia trip. She and her husband connected with some cousins Down Under and had lunch with the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, Bill McCormick. When Mary travels she doesn't just look at the scenery - she checks out the social scene!

Former market manager Kay E. was in the market today picking up some roses for his mom. The family and her church are celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend. Kay's cousin from Texas was with him, and he remarked that his Waco, Texas home was considerably warmer than Oregon.

Birch Wall Fountain
March 7, 2006
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Creative Bruce H., who rings up purchases at Oregon Flower Growers and also comes up with beautiful decor throughout the market, made an interesting display with birch bark and birch twigs from Wreath Sources.

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The birch bark is rigid but hollow, so inside is moss, little frogs, and a striped bromeliad. The frogs are from Anita's Unique Imports, and the bromeliad came from Brett at Orchid Tropical Nursery (OTN). Brett also supplied the larger fern hanging from the wall above.

Image hosting by Photobucket Bruce, who formerly worked at Flowers Tommy Luke as a designer, is a multitalented guy. You can see some of his photographs on cards which are offered for sale at the front desk.

Post-Oscars Fashion Note!
March 6, 2006
A somewhat quiet post-Oscars Monday at the Portland Flower Market was livened up by the appearance of Lucy from Lucy's Informal Flowers in Hood River. (See her website, Informal Flowers!)

Image hosting by Photobucket Here she is wearing a beautiful completely rosy red and pink coat. Love it! According to Lucy, a shop in Hood River across from hers had this beauty. Perfect for strolling down the windy streets.

Lucy is the new owner of Informal Flowers, formerly owned by Suzanne. She visits the Flower Market frequently to check out what's new.

Teleflora Event March 19
March 5, 2006
Dear blog readers, you might be interested in a Teleflora educational event called "Desperate Florists" which is happening on Sunday, March 19, 2006 at the Spirit Mountain Lodge in Oregon.

David Hale AIFD/PFCI is the designer. The Oregon and Southwest Washington educational units are presenting this and - I'm told there WILL BE DOOR PRIZES!!!

Contact Debbie Mosley of Waldport Florist 1-800-926-4166.

Image hosting by Photobucket Peterkort Roses will donate flowers. Don't be "Desperate" - check it out...

What is this Thing Called Blog?
March 4, 2006
Hello reader! Welcome to the first entry on Sandra's Blog, a commentary on roses, the flower market, and basically stuff that by whatever incredible stream of consciousness or twisted path of logic I can relate to flowers.

I am going wean myself from exclamation points. Even though beauty, the rose, is a wonder of nature and evokes enthusiasm, gushing detracts.

Just ask the creators of this website, Quoin Graphic Design. Heaven knows that throughout its development I sent Josh and Qiana far too many e-mails loaded with !!!!!!!!! However, their great work deserves it. If you want to learn more about Quoin, go to their website, Quoin Design . Now I just need to learn how to imbed links here. Be patient, reader... OK I did it!!

Flower Commentary on today's News:

The picture which I hope is showing up on your screen is flower dancers from the Philippines. Do they look happy? Or just overheated??? Image hosting by Photobucket The second, which my son advises me is "not a good thing," is about a hit man who used pink long stemmed roses to get his target to answer the door. Sad but true, she did answer the door.

It reminds me of that old Saturday Night Live skit with the land shark who would ring the doorbell, several times, and eventually the female victim would answer. Sometimes it was "candygram" and sometimes "flowers" but eventually she would do it.

We went to the Monterey Aquarium last weekend, where this skit was running on a TV in the shark exhibit. We saw wonderful art displays in conjunction with the fish tanks. Their amazing jellyfish display was accompanied by blown glass works from the Seattle artist Dale Chihuly.

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