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Our roses can be used as cake decorations.
March 21, 2012
Blog PictureThinking about SUNSHINE today because we don't have any! It's cold & also snow in high places. So I'm looking at this gorgeous vase of Blackout asiatic lilies. My niece brought this colorfully painted Mexican vase to me from Monterrey, where she's a new foreign service officer for the U.S.!! We're so proud of her...

It's funny about this early spring, super cold, but the plants know it's spring. Their systems sense the days becoming longer (it's all about light for them), so they go into grow mode. They know it's going to be summer eventually. So when we get depressed about how this winter seems like it's never going to end, just look at the plants...

Even in Siberia (our name for the unheated part of the Peterkort Roses greenhouses), the roses are sending out incredible new basal growths. In rose nerd terminology these are called "breaks."

Do you have these sitting around?
March 9, 2012
Blog PictureI'd love everybody to bring me their orchid tubes so we can re-use them. Get them out of your work room! They are just taking up space and we can use them for our cymbidiums and cattleyas.

These sizes are the best. I have a lot of the small ones from vanda orchids already, and they are only usable for our ladyslipper orchids, too small for the others.

I'll take them back at the Peterkort Roses booth at the Portland Flower Market. Or if you shop at the Seattle Wholesale Grower's Market you can send them back to us on our cart - just give them to Nicole and ask her to send them back to Portland.

We'll wash them if they are dirty. It saves us money and saves on plastic.

Spring - are you ready???
March 4, 2012
Blog Picture1. Daphne is starting to bloom.

2. It's past President's Day and you haven't pruned your (outdoor) roses yet!

3. Seed catalogues are still sitting there with dog-eared pages but nothing has been ordered, meanwhile the columns and blogs are all talking about their young plants...panic!

4. Next weekend is Daylight Savings already.

5. The weeds are growing, and there's no mulch!

Ack!!! And guess what, in the greenhouse things are moving along EVEN FASTER..............

Just focus on #1! Oh it smells so great........

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