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Q. What's our most fragrant rose? A. Lavande.
Goodbye to Sam
May 17, 2011
Blog PictureA sad goodbye to Sam Barkley, a flower industry buddy of ours whose family was in the flower business for many years. They owned Barkley's Woodstock Florist.

We loved Sam's great sense of humor, his happy attitude, and his pleasant drawl.

Sam knew how to work, and he knew how to have fun too. He loved outdoor activities, flying, growing flowers, and hanging out with his family.

We will miss you Sam!!!

Maidenhair anyone?
May 3, 2011
Blog PictureThe woodsy look is in!! Maidenhair fern is a beautiful delicate complement to this leafy, green, natural look. Here is a shot of Karen in our cattleya orchid house, with maidenhair fern at her feet.

It is a vivid green leaf, delicate and thin, with black shiny stems. In a bridal bouquet it gives the "tremblante" look, emphasizing the beauty of the bride.

If you'd like to try it, we grow it at Peterkort Roses and it is available in just about any quantity to order. Let us know when you would like it.

Care and handling of maidenhair fern: keep it in the cooler until ready to use. The delicate leaves are extremely thin and sensitive to hot and dry conditions. Keeping it moist by spraying with water or swishing it in water before putting it in the cooler helps keep it fresh.

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