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The Blogger is Back!!!!!
November 26, 2006
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What has been going on? Prolonged case of writer's block? Winter doldrums?? Seasonal Affective Disorder???

Well, something...

Anyhow, the important thing is to move on, right???

It was so overwhelming coming back from Amsterdam with my huge freight of brochures, ideas, two electronic chips full of pictures of roses, and then I got the cold from hell, you know the one that you think you'll NEVER get over.

But she's back!

I am analyzing all the information I got and putting it into my magic spreadsheet, the one that I think will tell me the right roses for us to plant next year. That everybody will want to buy.

Meanwhile, the crew has finished picking this season's holly, and we have green and variegated five and ten pound boxes for sale. Also possibly some gold berry holly. (Rare and unusual). See the catalogue elsewhere in the web site for pictures.

Thanksgiving out at the farm is a family tradition, a wonderful one, and it was great to be able to be with Mom and Dad this year once again. With Dad at 88 this is really a blessing.

That reminds me, Dad's brother Frank Peterkort is having his 90th birthday this month! He, Dad, Uncle Joe and Aunt Lois worked together at the rose company for many years before retirement. Now he is still playing golf and bridge. His kids are throwing a bash!

Also, did I mention that the cymbidiums are blooming - we have golden brown ones, some green, pink and a few creamy white.

p.s. the photo is from one of the eleven (!!) greenhouses I visited while in Holland. This is a nice pink rose which I would like us to grow!! This is a test bed in their show greenhouse.

On to London
November 5, 2006
Visiting my friends and son in London for a couple of days before heading back to Portland.... We visited Kew Gardens today, founded by Sir Joseph Banks back in the 1700s during the golden age of plant hunting...

Awesome Victorian palm and temperate zone greenhouses, a beautiful Chinese-inspired pagoda, and a great restaurant in the orangerie where I had a citris/ginger/slightly fermented (!) bottle of English soda.

Kew is the plant mecca; the grounds are studded with old, old trees many of which are unusual species. In the temperate house I saw an amazing pine tree from the Himalayas with branches hanging down like snakes.

The Palm House was so stuffingly stiflingly hot my glasses and camera all fogged up. Climbed the long, long white iron spiral staircase to the upper walkway...

It's a good way to wind down from the Hortifair. The first day here I had the HH (Hortifair Hangover) from not enough sleep and too much running around.

Shortly I'll be back in Portland and will download some of the most interesting pictures.

Meanwhile, more stats a la Bridget Jones: Greenhouses visited: 14 Pieces of Moleskin on my feet: 10 Alcohol units consumed: stopped counting.........

Greetings from Amsterdam
November 1, 2006
Writing this from rainy & windy Amsterdam where I am attending the Hortifair, the big trade show for flowers and plants.

Here's the Bridget Jones statistics:

Number of bicycles that almost hit me: 2

Amount of roses seen: 2,567 (rough guess!)

Pieces of moleskin on my feet: 4

Alcohol units consumed: 1 beer, 7 wines, 0 cocktails

I am writing this from my B&B downtown and I haven't figured out how to upload pictures yet so you'll have to wait for the eye candy. And it's really here. This is the annual trade show for horticulture industry.

All the rose breeders have open houses at their rose trial greenhouses, and so I have been making the rounds with John F. of California Pajarosa and George from Mount Madonna propogation.

I have seen some wonderful new roses that it would be great to plant at Peterkort Roses.

My camera holds over 500 shots and I have taken almost that many.

Weather here in Amsterdam has been stormy. Today in walking from one place to another we got caught in a gigantic hailstorm.

Earlier, first thing this morning I was crossing a construction area and the wind whipped up, picked up a load of sand from the excavation, and blasted it into my face! I felt like a camel in the desert keeping my eyelids half shut to keep out the sand. When I got where I was going I had sand particles glued onto my newly applied lip gloss! Gritty!

Anyway, sorry this is disjointed. More to come!

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