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Gerhard Runs for Mayor!
November 29, 2007
Blog PictureYikes, just got finished googling the Flower Market's newest celebrity, Gerhard Watzig, owner of Flowers by Dorcas. He mentioned the other day that he was running for Mayor. Gerhard, I could not find your web site, but I sure did find some interesting stuff relating to running for mayor.

Since I don't do a lot of internet following of Portland politics, since I quit that scene 10 years ago, it is surprising how nasty things are out there now.

Some of the comments, wow, of course posted by anonymous people with pseudohip names like El Gordo, really rude.

But anyhow, here is your opportunity, flower market members, to quiz one of the mayoral candidates in person!!!

Above pictured is one of Peterkort Roses' heirloom cymbidium varieties, Bethlehem Early Times, a brown/golden/green cymbidium now available. We grow these ourselves, they are NOT shipped in from New Zealand or Holland.

See ya - now that I'm back from the icky flu bug..... Sandra

Thanksgiving Debrief
November 24, 2007
Blog PictureHere's Monty of A Fine Flower Company with one of the huge pumpkins on display earlier at the Portland Flower Market.

A good lead-in to my Thanksgiving debrief - yes I had Thanksgiving dinner at my house, first time ever. Yes, a 54 year old woman is finally cutting the apron strings and cooking a turkey, FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

It turned out good.


The only disaster was at 1 a.m. the next morning when my turkey soup carcass and stock, forgotten on the stove, started to burn because I fell asleep on top of the bed with all my clothes on and neglected to add water or turn it down.

That smell of burning food pierced right through my tryptophan induced slumber and brought me roaring out to the kitchen where indeed it was too late to save anything.

Peterkort Roses-wise, what is happening? We are starting to have ladyslipper orchids for sale - those neat waxy orchids that bloom in the winter, very woodsy, good with moss and lichen. They are mostly in green and brown tones.

Also, don't forget about holly. We have green and variegated cut holly in 5 and 10 pound boxes. Also green holly with yellow berries. For something a little different.

Also the cymbidium season is starting. Our cymbidiums are fresh picked, not fresh picked up at the airport. (Ha ha.)

See you at the market!


Happy Kale!
November 11, 2007
Blog PictureWhoa! Who knew kale could look like this????

This is a picture from the Hortifair, where I saw several displays of Happy Flowers. These are dyed items with really brilliant dyes and a unique method.

I am told.......that you do this by dividing the base of the stem into several parts, then sticking each part into a different dye source. This results in different sections of the flower or plant having a different color!!!!

On our trip to Amsterdam we saw all kinds of dyed, glittered, pearlized, tinted, you name it. Kale, roses, cymbidiums, even CACTI! were treated. The cacti were glittered. They looked kinda cute.

By the way, this is the only way to get a blue rose, by dyeing it blue. So far there is no such thing as a really blue rose.

It cracks me up that the breeders name them "blue" type names in order to get some kind of blue mojo working for them. For example......the rose Aqua!, it's really hot pink. Then there is Cool Water and Ocean Song, lavender roses. Or how about Blue Bird and Pacific Blue????

My theory is that the news that somebody was working on blue flowers was scary and they decided to call their lavender/blue pink roses Blue.

You won't catch us dyeing our flowers. We're trying to be green & natural so that doesn't really fit in with our goals at Peterkort Roses.......

Sun in November!
November 6, 2007
Blog PictureAh another beautiful Oregon fall day. When I got back from the Hortifair a couple weeks ago it was horribly cold and rainy and I thought, the sun will never shine again!

However, it's beautiful today.

This is one of the fun features at this year's Hortifair in Amsterdam. You entered a special area, like a house with different rooms. Its purpose was to illustrate in a clever way the value of plants to life. One room was set up like a bathroom... This was the "sprout bar."

The guy on the left was the "chef" and he took a set of tweezers and served you various sprouts from the trays on the table. You can see the two people tasting sprouts at the sprout bar.

I loved it! Jim had some of ALL of them...

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