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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
November 20, 2009
Blog PictureTodd at Frank Adams lent me his book "A Manifest of Western Oregon", a book he inherited from his grandmother. It was published during the 50s.

"Western Oregon, with its fabulous diversified Willamette Valley, its scenic coast, where sandy beaches and mountain foothills meet, rich in recreation areas side by side with developed industries, and its fruit-growing, farming, mineral and lumbering empire of Southern Oregon, is a part of the "last frontier" of the continental United States.

"It is today (1952) the pulsing, industrial, agricultural and cultural heart of the historic old Oregon Country of a century ago - the only geographical section of the United States to come under the American flag without war, conquest or purchase, and notably, today, typically American in character."

Ah, the 50s when optimism reigned - unlike unfortunately today when we are down in the dumps!!!

One of the things I love about this book are its pages and pages of advertisements for companies - including Mixermobile Manufacturers, on NE Killingsworth - who manufactured our family's favorite machine, the "Scoopmobile."

See above - a huge treat was to be able to ride on the Scoopmobile with Dad as he went forward into some earth-moving adventure. The main thing - keep your fingers away from the screen where the scooper arm went up and down - (you don't want to lose them!) and smell the exciting diesel smell as the beast lumbered into action!

I think Dad enjoyed this machine as much as we did. The thing the "Manifesto" enlightened me about was that this wonderful machine was made right here in Portland! Today everything seems to be made somewhere else. But this was truly a homegrown product.......

The original Scoopmobile still lives at the Peterkort Roses farm...probably a collector's item for lovers of antique machinery...

Who is Daniel Ost?
November 14, 2009
Blog Picture Francoise Weeks came over last week to see my pictures from the 2009 Hortifair in Amsterdam. (Yes, the techno-challenged one - me - was assisted by Sam the 19 year old techno wonder boy to figure out how to connect my digital camera to the TV!)

I still don't get how I can be Sam's mom and be so clueless about these things.

Anyway we were looking at a photo of a rose called Daniel Ost, and it turns out he is a Belgian florist. Check out Daniel Ost 's website - also she loaned me a beautiful book showing his designs.

It's overwhelming - they are very structural. But now I see his influence in a lot of things that are done at the Hortifair.

The above heart was a beautiful rose heart (not Daniel Ost influenced) but what are those little green things?????

Francoise and I both want to know!

Watch "Flowers Uncut"
November 12, 2009
Blog PictureBe sure to watch the TLC Network on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 for the new show "Flowers Uncut" with Jeff Leatham , celebrity florist.

One show I watched has him working on a large (100 tables) charity event. It's fun to watch him work with the client and dream up a design, then put it into action.

Better than "Bridezillas," I'm thinking...

Today's blog - o - photo is a scene from the Lex greenhouse near Aalsmeer. This is a show house where you can see new rose varieties as they go from seedlings to mature plants ready for the market.

My husband Jim and Edo from Lex are looking at a new variety called "Avalanche Sorbet." It is a sport (mutation) of Avalanche, with pink shading on the ends of the petals.

Our evaluation so far - great rose when it is mature, but it looks not so nice when it is tight.

Lots of factors in selecting a new rose for Peterkort Roses to grow. It's a big investment - it takes 800 plants to fill up just one rose bed, and we have 7 of them per greenhouse end, and each plant can cost $2 or more!

Mom, there's a MONKEY on the porch!
November 7, 2009
Blog PictureRemember the other day I was telling you about re-using the monkey cage as a chicken coop....you were probably wondering about that.......

Back in the early 1970s our sister Sheila was outside playing when she noticed a small MONKEY eating a pear from the box of pears Mom had on the back porch that she was getting ready to can...

Mom didn't believe her! But then she saw it too.... Dad came with a big rope (thinking it was an ape of some kind) but a butterfly net was more effective...

The monkey was a squirrel monkey escaped from the somewhat nearby Oregon Zoo, they didn't want him back!, so he was our pet for many years. In the summer he had a large outdoor cage made by Norman in shop class.

Of course we never get rid of anything so this cage ended up at the farm, where it has now been transformed into a chicken coop.

This is like our dog house, which started life as a dog house for our dog Buffy, became a Coop de Ville chicken coop when we had 3 chickens here in the city, then was transformed back into a dog house for Sunny.

Pictured above is our greenhouse with new rose plants...for more information click on this month's Peterkort Roses News .

Cluck Cluck, SQUAWK!
November 6, 2009
Blog PictureFall at the farm - last night was so rainy and windy - I stayed late to do some book work and it was pitch black outside. Sunny the faithful yellow lab was there waiting for me....

Inside the greenhouse it's dry (well, mostly), and no wind - the lucky chickens!!!! Our new Buff Orpingtons are enjoying their new environment - plenty of weeds to eat, bugs too, no coyotes...they are happy. Also only one rooster.

It sure is a lot QUIETER out there.

Holly Season Begins
November 3, 2009
Blog PicturePeterkort Roses' 2009 holly prices are out - call us at (503) 628-1005 or talk to me at the Portland Flower Market. We sell holly in 5 and 10 pound boxes, both green holly with red berries and variegated holly with red berries.

And, as a novelty item, we also have green holly with yellow berries!!! Neat for Thanksgiving decor..... See the picture. The berries are bright yellow! It's a different kind of holly, and very unusual.....

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