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Giving thanks for wonderful new lilies...
November 26, 2011
Blog PictureDid you have a good Thanksgiving? We had a nice turkey with the kids plus Mom and Karen. Leftovers look like they will stretch into Christmas...

Check out this new lily we have at Peterkort Roses. It's called "Red Planet!" I think it looks like a nice coral, and a good color to add to our selection. What do you think?

We will also have the "Tango Olina" lily for a while leading into the holidays. It's the "goth" lily that's red with a black center. It's very dramatic. A crowd pleaser at the flower market.

Dutch Trade Show News
November 17, 2011
Blog PictureBack from the Hortifair/IFTF trade shows in Amsterdam earlier this month (plus our anniversary trip to Italy)... it was wonderful.

What did we see in Holland? A lot of garden roses. The breeders are going crazy with them. So there will be a lot of new varieties. Hopefully in other colors than just pink!

Also saw some fun stuff, such as cut clematis. Now THAT's something new. GREEN (the color) still rules; it was everywhere.

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