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Asiatic Novelties for Fall
September 13, 2011
Blog PictureFall lilies can be fun. We've been experimenting around with interesting asiatic lilies such as Loreto (pictured).

We'll have some kind of fall novelty lily all the way to Thanksgiving.

So...what's been happening at the greenhouse lately? We have seven "guest chickens" visiting our flock. Our friends Helen and Bill are on a long vacation and their hens are visiting the Peterkort Roses chicken spa. What could be better, free range among the rose plants, no rain, no coyotes or hawks.

We are enlarging our lily area, pulling out an area of Bridal White roses and putting in the right plumbing for our lily program. In the winter it takes more area to grow the lilies so we need space. A lily that might take 9 weeks to bloom in the summer might take 12 or more weeks in the winter!

Also I am planning a trip to Amsterdam again in November to do more rose sleuthing. I am trying to find new and exciting rose varieties!

Luscious colors...Moscow and Ambiance
September 3, 2011
Blog PictureHere is my favorite color combination of the week! Moscow and Ambiance roses together....

Hey everybody don't forget to sign up for the Portland Flower Market Open House on Sunday, October 2. There will be designers, prizes, special things on sale, ideas, vendor demos, food, and a whole lot more.

Let us know if you need a sign up sheet.....

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