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Peterkort Roses grows several different German garden roses. Click on "What We Grow"
Growing in the City of Roses

Peterkort Roses is proud to be the only commercial rose cut flower grower in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide excellent roses and other cut flowers to the regional market.

We figure it this way – a flower is perishable. Why should precious days of its life be wasted in a cooler, in a dark box on board a plane or inside a truck chugging across the country? It is better to get it into the customer’s care as soon as possible!

Being close to our customers has many advantages. We feel that the ability to communicate and provide personal service is vital to our business. Customer feedback is so helpful to us. The give and take is valuable and also fun!

A rose from Peterkort’s is carefully tended, from the proper temperature of the cooler to the correct dose of flower food. Since we are closer to our customers, we can safeguard our flowers ourselves. This provides you with a more reliable product, without unpleasant surprises due to unknown problems along the shipping route, and less shipping damage.

Our local market philosophy plays a part when we decide to grow new rose varieties. Because being a “good shipper” is less of a factor for our roses, we can grow some varieties that are more delicate and beautiful. Most scented roses, for example, have a shorter life, and garden type roses can be very delicate. Our careful handling can bring these beauties to you in perfect condition.

In keeping with our green philosophy, we think that distributing our flowers locally also has the benefit of saving on packaging. For our customers, there is no need to fill the trash with the heavy plastic sheets and individual cardboard protectors that are sometimes used.

If you have never used local roses, give us a try. You might be surprised at how long-lasting, sweet-smelling and just plain beautiful our roses and other flowers are!
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