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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
Green Practices

To grow our roses and other flowers, we at Peterkort Roses farm intensively with extra heat and light for year-round production. We believe that this must be done with respect for the environment. This is also in our best interest because we want to conserve energy and be as efficient as possible.

Some of our green practices:
  • To maximize the growing potential in the greenhouse, we are increasingly using extra light for better flower production. This enables us to produce more and better flowers in less space for the same amount of heat.
  • We have installed energy curtains in all our greenhouses to conserve heat. These are mylar drapes which are pulled by wires across the top of the greenhouse at night. They hold in the heat from escaping out through the roof.
  • Our goal is to grow as organic a product as humanly possible. That means less chemical spraying. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a technique using biological controls and strategic spraying of milder solutions to control pests and disease.
  • We are installing extra insulation on our greenhouses to keep heat from escaping through the sides.
  • We recycle packaging materials. We pack with newspaper, which we purchase from a local charity. At the flower market we accept orchid boxes, tubes and orchid hay from our customers and re-use them. We also re-use flower boxes.
  • Peterkort Roses is a founding member of the Portland Flower Market, located in Portland’s Swan Island Industrial Park. The Portland Flower Market is a centralized location for members of the floral industry to purchase flowers and supplies. This one-stop shopping location and distribution center is conveniently located near the major freeways, and in the center of the Portland metropolitan area. It gives our customers easy access and the ability to do all their buying efficiently. This reduces trips and conserves fuel.
We are always trying to improve our earth-friendly practices. These are examples of what we have accomplished thus far.
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