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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
Greenhouse Growing in the 21st Century

Peterkort Roses grows year-round in heated greenhouses. Back in Victorian times these were known as “conservatories” and were the pride of kings and wealthy plant lovers, who kept (and often killed) rare plants collected in far-off tropical colonies.

Skip forward 150 years or so and you see a much different picture. Our greenhouses today feature some interesting innovations:
  • Roses grow in hydroponic tubs in coir (coconut fiber), not in the ground
  • Drip irrigation provides a steady diet of water, minerals and fertilizer
  • Powerful grow lights in winter help augment our clouded-over Oregon sun
  • White fabric covers the greenhouse floor to reflect light and help in sanitation
  • Automatic ventilators let fresh air into the greenhouse and exhaust excess moisture
  • Invisible armies of beneficial insects pounce on aphids, spider mites and other pests
  • Central heat from our boiler in winter keeps the roses from becoming dormant, allowing them to produce flowers all year
  • Mylar energy curtains are mobilized at night, drawing a heat-saving blanket over the tops of the plants. We use them in hot summer days too, to prevent sunburn.
Every day we walk through the entire greenhouse range and pick the roses that are ready. They are bundled and put in hydrating solution in the cooler.

They soak up water for a while, then we grade them by length and package them for sale. The ends are snipped and they go back in the cooler, this time in a storage solution. They are ready for a vase, topiary or wedding bouquet!
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