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Garden Roses Popular This Year
August 18, 2011
News PictureIf you want to know what I think is the biggest news of the wedding season in 2011, I would say...garden roses. They are the happenin' thing.

According to the SAF magazine "Floral Management" this month, the "fresh-picked" look is in for weddings, including wild flowers, garden roses, etc. Smaller flowers are desirable.

(Is this a rejection of the huge south american type rose which has been perhaps overdone and costco-ized? Could be.)

It also could explain why our maidenhair fern is so popular this year.

If you want nice, affordable garden roses grown in Oregon, try ours at Peterkort Roses. We have the following varieties:

Waltzertraum - cherry pink, large bud

Yves Piaget - blue pink, scented

Maria Theresia - Pale pink, flat bud, small, lots of side buds

Biedermeier - Ivory with pink edge, large bud, some green side buds

Helga Piaget - Ivory white with pale pink touches at times, scented

Peach Peony - Orange/peach/yellow, flat bud

Romantik Antike - Pink/peach/orange, round bud

Karamel Antike - Pale yellow with amber, round bud

Piano Frieland - Red/coral, large round bud with side buds

Florists out of town - we do ship - our new lower freight rates make it more do-able for you! Call us at (503) 628-1005. Wholesale to the trade only. Growing flowers since 1923!!

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