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Cymbidium Season Begins
February 2, 2007
News PictureThe cymbidium orchid season at Peterkort Roses is reaching its high season. This pictures shows our greenhouse in February, with the variety "Yowie Flame Heather" in its glory.

Cymbidiums are native to Asia. They are cool season orchids, which are those blooming during the winter. The season begins around Thanksgiving and continues until Mother's Day.

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The question is naturally asked, where do the cymbidiums come from that we buy in July and August? The answer is, they are flown in from New Zealand.

In our case, we are growing these orchids ourselves so we do not have them during the summer. However, in the winter when there are fewer locally grown flower choices, they are available for you.

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I like to joke that our cymbidiums are fresh picked, not fresh picked up at the airport!

In any case, if you like locally grown flowers, check them out.

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Cymbidium care is simple. They enjoy a freshly cut stem from time to time. Ensure they do not run out of water. Plain fresh water is fine. For storage, cool temperatures are okay, and a display cooler is fine. A storage cooler for roses, which is a lot colder, is a little too cold for them. They should be fine in Oasis.

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We sell cymbidiums by the stem. For stems with just a few blooms, you can purchase them on the stem by the number of flowers.

For packaging we are very earth-friendly. We use plastic water tubes, white wax paper fuzz, and cardboard box lids. All of these items are recyclable. We will take all of them back and re-use them. Feel free to bring them back to us at the flower market any time.

Cymbidium season is one of the wonderful things about winter in Oregon!

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