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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
All About Yves Piaget (The Rose, that is)
July 3, 2010
News PictureAt Peterkort Roses we get a lot of requests for the Yves Piaget rose.

First thing to know about this rose, is how to pronounce it:

Eve Peeya ZHAY

It sounds like a woman's name but it's really the name of a man, a celebrity jeweler who lives in Monaco.

The rose Yves Piaget, developed by the French rose breeder Meilland, is a mauve hot pink rose with a rounded bud. When the bud opens the petals are somewhat serrated, and brushed with lighter and darker shades of hot mauve pink.

The scent can only be described as a heavenly rich rose scent, and there is nothing subtle about it. This rose definitely has scent.

Foliage is rich green and rounded.

Yves Piaget is suitable for a garden rose as well as a cut flower. At Peterkort Roses we grow this rose in our greenhouses and it is available all year. We do not sell rose plants; however, Star Roses of California is the licensee for Meilland in the U.S. They can tell you where you might be able to buy Yves Piaget as a rose bush.

Peterkort Roses is a wholesale grower of roses and other cut flowers. Although we focus on our local Pacific Northwest market, we do ship flowers throughout the U.S. and to Hawaii. Please contact us for prices and details at (503) 628-1005.

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