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Rose Petals for Sale!
July 2, 2011
News PictureRose petals for weddings and events are popular. Peterkort Roses has rose petals for our wholesale customers and florists. We will do solid color bags and mixed bags. Call us at (503) 628-1005 for pricing.

A 1 gallon bag of rose petals will cover a 3 x 5 foot area thickly (see photo).

Rose petals can be dyed with flower spray (two years ago we did twenty gallons for a customer who dyed them all blue!)

Rose petals can be used outdoors, but the wind can be a problem. Some customers have used spray glue to help hold them down. Others use a covering of tulle fabric. One florist made an intricate pattern with the rose petals, then covered it with tulle.

Rose petals can be used for flower girls to scatter, to be arranged along the aisle, along the sides, or in patterns in the aisle.

At the reception, rose petals are great to be thrown with rice or bird seed, on the tables, in hurricane candle chimneys below the candles.

They have also been known to be used in patterns on the bridal bed - sometimes spelling out messages!

Let us know if your wedding or event needs rose petals!

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