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Holly for Seasonal Decorations now Available!
November 11, 2007
News PictureOrder now - we are cutting holly for Christmas. We have five and ten pound boxes of green and variegated holly. Berries are thick this year - and the leaves are beautiful and shiny.

For those interested in the rare and unusual, we also have yellow berried holly. Good for Thanksgiving and harvest time decor. Definitely different.

Please give Peterkort Roses a call at (503) 628-1005 to check out prices and order holly. We are happy to ship it to our wholesale customers.

The picture above is from Kew Gardens in England. One of the features of this wonderful garden is the Holly Walk with plants from many species of Ilex (the holly genus) as well as various cultivars. We saw hundreds of different holly varieties at Kew!

Like England, holly grows particularly well in Oregon!

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