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Lilies are our newest product.
Winter Season Begins for Peterkort Roses
November 11, 2012
News PictureWinter at the farm... it means getting everything ready for colder temps. The veg garden is almost done producing and we have removed all the woven fabric and tomato cages. ALL my maple leaves from my city street trees are going out there for mulch. And I get to opt out of the City of Portland's leaf fee! Just feels so good.

We'll be switching to our winter production schedule pretty soon. Getting all the holly picked and ready for shipping, then cooling down part of the greenhouse for the hibernation period. We do heat a significant amount of the greenhouse square footage throughout the winter, so we have year-round rose and lily production, but just don't need it all at full blast heat during the winter. A lot different than the old days!!! Trying to adapt to new conditions with higher heating costs.

Some of our favorite varieties of roses will be out of production for the winter, but we'll have plenty of the most popular winter roses.

And cymbidiums will be available in not too long....

Pictured: Another Emerald Petals creation using the weirdly beige-lavender-gray rose Metallina!

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